Mastering HR Skills

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11 Dec

Mastering HR Skills

Mastering HR Skills

Monday, December 11, 2023 (12:00 AM) to Friday, April 19, 2024 (11:59 PM)
30 PDCs
Provider: Talent Expertise International
Course Name: Mastering HR Skills

Speaker: John Philp
Program Type: Seminar/Workshop
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Mastering HR Skills, Dubai
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Learning Objectives By attending this highly interactive programme, delegates will gain: • The ability to contextualize the reasons behind introducing a competency framework and build a business case • Insight into a variety of competency framework formats and explore the differences between functional and behavioural frameworks • Insight into framework formats, their advantages and disadvantages • The ability to design a competency framework • Insight into the need to get buy-in, to create a communication plan and to support users in the early days • An understanding of the breadth of possible applications for competency frameworks across the HR management spectrum • Insight into the need to review, evaluate and refresh the competency framework in the light of the organisation’s own development to ensure it remains relevant and fit-for-purpose.

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Competencies are a clear indication from the organisation to the individual of the expected areas and levels of performance. They provide the individual with a map or indication of the behaviours and actions that will be valued, recognised and rewarded. They can be understood to represent the language of performance in an organisation. Participants on this programme will get up to speed on the design and development of competencies. They will explore the importance of getting buy-in as part of this phase and how to implement and embed the framework in the workplace, including some ready-made competency activities to support this. They will explore a variety of applications.

Mastering HR Skills
Mastering HR Skills

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