Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution

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06 Apr

Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution

Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 (12:00 AM) to Friday, April 9, 2021 (11:59 PM)
21 PDCs
Provider: Eckerd College
Course Name: Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution

Speaker: Will Luera
Program Type: Instructor E-Learning
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Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution, St Petersburg, Florida
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Equip participants with conflict resolution strategies they can use to reduce conflict in their organizations. Provide tools to help participants build a system within their organizations for more effective mediation and conflict resolution. Receive a comprehensive assessment of their own conflict behavior through the Conflict Dynamics Profile.

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In addition to learning conflict resolution strategies and performing exercises in mediation and conflict resolution, with completion of this virtual program, participants will be given access to turn-key materials and will be trained to deliver three conflict resolution seminar modules. Designed for individuals and managers, each module offers world-renowned content and a practical conflict resolution process that is applicable to all industries: - Necessary Knowledge (NK) establishes the core competencies of conflict resolution and how to think strategically about conflict, rather than react blindly to it, and is a prerequisite for, - Successful Conflict Conversations (SCC) teaches individuals to mediate their own conflicts and how their behavior is impacting others (Self-As-Mediator), or - Third-Party Resolution (TPR) prepares managers to take a proactive mediation role to resolve conflict between two other individuals (Manager-as-Mediator). As part of the program, participants are also certified to administer and deliver the Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual (CDP-I) version. The CDP-I is a powerful assessment that helps individuals and teams understand how they respond during conflict, what triggers can escalate conflict and how to manage conflict more effectively. - Individuals benefit from understanding their conflict behaviors through an individual feedback report, along with a Development Guide that provides information and tips for coping with conflict and building strong interpersonal relationships. - The CDP-I group report opens up the door for effective conversations about acceptable responses to conflict and how certain behaviors might inadvertently trigger irritation in their colleagues, as well as how to avoid pushing these hot buttons. The CDP-I can be used with the MTI seminars, as part of a standalone workshop or in individual and team coaching. VCT Program participants have the additional benefit of understanding their own conflict behaviors by taking the CDP-I and receiving their own personal profile as part of this certification process. The Virtual Certified Trainer in Workplace Conflict Resolution (VCT Program) is a comprehensive program divided into three unique learning phases which include 1) pre-work, 2) live online training, and 3) a one-on-one online session with an MTI Master Trainer.

Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution
Virtual Certified Trainer (VCT) in Workplace Conflict Resolution
4200 54th Ave S
Eckerd College
St Petersburg, FL 33711-4744

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