How to Build Relationships

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31 May

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (12:00 AM) to Friday, June 28, 2024 (11:59 PM)
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Provider: Echelon Front
Course Name: How to Build Relationships

Speaker: Jocko Willink and Dave Berke
Program Type: Videoconferences, webcasts, audiocasts, podcasts, eBooks, self-directed E-Learning
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Recognize the power of relationships Identify the four parts of a relationship Apply the necessary steps to attain the four parts of a relationship with anyone

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Power of Relationships This lesson demonstrates how powerful relationships are for leaders. Jocko and Dave provide numerous examples of how they have personally seen relationships be the driving force for making things happen. In fact, they share how relationships can be even more powerful than the chain of command. Jocko and Dave also suggest a few tactics for building relationships like conforming to influence and playing the game. By understanding these tactics and the necessity of relationships you can then begin to learn how to build them. Building Relationships In this lesson, Jock and Dave breakdown the four parts of a relationship – Trust, Respect, Listen, Influence. They dive deep into each component. Focusing on why each part is so critical and how to build it by giving trust, showing respect, listening to others, and allowing others to influence you. They also discuss the idea of Leadership Capital. Which involves thinking about your ability to lead and influence others as a bank account you hold with each person. With this understanding, you can start to effectively cultivate relationships.