Talent Reality

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23 Feb

HR Talent Workshop

HR Talent Workshop

Thursday, February 23, 2023 (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM)
3.00 PDCs
Provider: Business Methodologies International Consulting Group, LTD (BMICG)
Course Name: Talent Reality

Speaker: Bill Albert, President
Program Type: Videoconferences, webcasts, audiocasts, podcasts, eBooks, self-directed E-Learning
Registration URL: http://BMIGC.net

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TALENT REALITY - OBJECTIVES TALENT REALITY -- EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, TALENT MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL IMPACT ON THE BOTTOM LINE • Discover how to optimize your workforce – getting the right set of employees at the right time, right cost and at the right place • Understand the relationship and gaps between employees, productivity, services and profitability and future organizational requirements • Recognize the importance of having an adaptable workforce and flexibility in the organization and the importance of breaking down departmental silos to promote visibility of talent across an organization • Learn techniques for tapping into an underutilized workforce… recruitment strategies that focus on building talent pipelines and leveraging our workforce while struggling to find a balance between bringing in new talent and hiring experienced veterans capable of stepping into our organizational environment with little ramp-up time • Implement workforce optimization strategies to maximize the customer experience with minimal operational costs, operational efficiencies and shared objectives • Discover how to optimize your workforce – getting the right set of employees at the right time, right cost and at the right place with a focus of placing an increased focus on engaging and developing internal talent at our organization • Understand the percentage of your workforce that is being effectively utilized • Be more aware of the importance of achieving ‘discretionary effort’ on a daily basis with an organization‘s employees - ‘Want to Behavior’ – fostering a culture of employee engagement to create a competitive advantage for our organization • Understand Income Statements, Balance Sheets and employee shared services…providing a clear picture of the value of employees and how they impact on human resources and the bottom line

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Talent Reality 101® is a comprehensive ‘hands-on’ workshop (webcast) that takes a realistic look at the talent challenge, work flow process and the complexities of running a modern day organization. It recognizes the importance of talent deployment, employee engagement, driving efficiencies, cash flow, competition for skilled talent, and customer satisfaction and the impact they have individually and collectively on the bottom line and in driving organizational excellence. Our goal with ‘Talent Reality’ is to work with your management team ‘facing challenges that bring challenges’. We provide a learning environment to identify, collaborate, and leverage the capabilities of employees and their talents, creating a competitive advantage that is critical for success in a your organization. It sounds simple …. that’s why this workshop would be perfect for your people!