Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) 360 Certification

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13 Jul

Conflict Dynamics Profile(CDP) Certification - Atlanta, GA

Conflict Dynamics Profile(CDP) Certification - Atlanta, GA

Friday, July 13, 2018 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
10 PDCs
Provider: Eckerd College
Course Name: Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) 360 Certification

Speaker: Rebecca Armacost
Program Type: Seminar/Workshop
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Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, Georgia
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Gain an in-depth perspective of the CDP’s history, research, theory and key principles. Learn how to analyze and apply data in the feedback report. Learn how to structure a feedback session so that it effectively conveys the results while maximizing the client’s self-awareness. Learn practical applications of the CDP including how to assist others with developmental planning. Become certified in the CDP-I and have the ability purchase the CDP for your own business.

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Feedback is an essential part of the CDP process. Each person’s individual results are delivered by a trained practitioner and include both explanation of the instrument and dialogue about the results. Since this feedback session is so important to the value of the instrument, we require that the CDP be administered only by certified professionals. This one-day certification program is a great opportunity to develop expertise in the CDP while connecting with other practitioners. The shared experience brings seasoned and passionate conflict practitioners from all over the world to learn about the CDP’s development, interpretation, and applications.

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA 

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