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19 Jul

Mitigating LGBTQIA+ Bias in the Workplace

Mitigating LGBTQIA+ Bias in the Workplace

Monday, July 19, 2021 (12:00 AM) to Tuesday, July 18, 2023 (11:59 PM)
1.0 PDCs
Provider: BiasSync
Course Name: BiasSync: Mitigating LGBTQIA+ Bias in the Workplace

Speaker: Crystal Miller Ph.D.; Atira Charles, Ph.D.
Program Type: Videoconferences, webcasts, audiocasts, podcasts, eBooks, self-directed E-Learning
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Overview of LGBTQIA+ community Understand community’s humanity & impact of Bias History of LGBTQIA+ Community Understand long history & global nature of the community across cultures to debunk myths; “born this way” & “fluidity”. Highlight community diversity & impact of bias. Letters of the LGBTQIA+ & Significance Language, concepts, and letters & diversity; Gender ID, sexual orientation ; Importance of language, pronouns, fluidity. Agreement Vs. Acceptance Understand community’s humanity & impact of bias; Conflicting values & cognitive dissonance; Agreement Vs. Acceptance Coming Out: What it Means for Your Colleagues LGBTQIA+ in today’s context via personal stories; Diversity & intersectionality Individual positionality, coming out, acceptance, transition; “non-binary" & heteronormative assumptions; traditional family structures. Impact of Intersectionality What is it?; complexity; impact of bias; conflicting values & cognitive dissonance; Empathy as allyship tool. Microaggressions & LGBTQIA+ Workplace Discrimination “Heteronormativity” & heteronormative assumptions; Common acts of bias against community & impacts; statistics on pervasive & widespread bias against community; Intro microaggressions & macro problems. The Impact of Microaggressions (Part I) How they manifest re: heteronormativity; lived experiences of bias and microaggressions in workplace; understand mistakes can happen - apologizing & taking action are vital to allyship. The Impact of Microaggressions (Part II) Emotional impact (range of severity up to and including suicide); Reveal heteronormative assumptions & traditional family structures; Becoming an Ally: Strengthen individual allyship; Strategies to mitigate workplace bias & discrimination; coming out vs. inviting in; “cisgender privilege”; empathy as tool for allyship; amplify openness & inclusion; Differentiate performative vs. authentic allyship; demonstrate benefits of authentic allyship.

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